The Guide to Using a Vinyl Cutter: Detail Guide


A vinyl cutter is a must-have accessory for everyone who loves to create their favorite pieces while at home. The machine is known for its [power and versatility in a wide range of imaging, craft, and artwork.

Due to the technological improvements, this machine has evolved to a much easier to use and smaller device. With several variations of the machine on the market, you cannot altogether avoid using it for your work. Therefore, if you are unsure of where the vinyl cutter can be used, here is a brief guide on how to use.

Connect To Computer

Once you have purchased the machine, before getting to use, you will need to connect it to your computer. For most vinyl cutters today, they use USB cables to connect. After connecting, you will require to install some drivers on your computer for easy access to the cutter. Some of the most common drivers include Sign Cut programs and Flexi Starter 10. With this program, it will be easy to layout your artwork on the machine, create a weeding frame/box, create weeding lines, layer the cuts, and make copies in columns and rows among other functions.

Create Artwork

Before sending your work to the vinyl cutter, it has to be precisely designed. If you are not skilled, it is easy to start with simple designs as text. There are different fonts in your keyboard that are vinyl cutter ready. Therefore, you can use all of them in your vinyl cutter program to ensure you have personalized designs. You can as well prepare vector art and draw shapes specifically for vinyl cutter using graphics programs. Also, in case you wish to take your design to the next level, you can as well purchase additional fonts. Additionally, depending on the type of results you expect, there is no harm in giving it to professional vendors who can vectorize it.

Load Material

The machine is fed materials in rolls, and they usually hang at the back of the cutter using roller bars. However, you can feed your device with material on top of the roller bar and under pinch rollers, the release rollers that will hold the machine in place.

Set Your Blades

Another basic important thing to learn when it comes to using the vinyl cutter is how to set your blades. Its size determines the blades sharpness; however, the sharper it is, the quicker it will dull. Blades have different angles ranging from 20° to 60°. For you to achieve precise cuts, you must, therefore, set the blade force/ pressure and depth. Some machines have an auto setting that will set your blade depth automatically while others require you to set manually. Therefore, ensure to study your device thoroughly to know its preferences.


These are simple basics of using the vinyl cutter. However, in case you need to achieve a more professional look, it will take practice and dedication. Also, before mastering the ins and outs of using the machine, connecting with those who work with vinyl cutters professionally will enhance your skills.

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