Who Makes the Best Motorcycle Speakers?


Listening to your favorite track while on a motorcycle just make your ride better. A good quality speaker is just what you need to accompany you on your trip.
There are many kinds of speakers available for you to buy in the market. But which one will be the best option?
In this motorcycle blog, we will discuss a few of the products that we think have good audio quality and are also durable enough for you to carry around to places.

Brands That Make the Best Motorcycle Speakers

As we’ve mentioned before a lot of brands manufacture speakers for motorcycles now, but most of them tend to look and work on the same matter. Here is a list of brands that produce high-quality speakers for motorcycles. You’ll find a lot of variety here so you can get to know what options you have.


JBL is one of the first brands that comes to anyone’s mind when thinking of a speaker. Almost everyone has one nowadays because of how good these speakers are.
The speakers that this brand offers for motorcycles are very easy to install. Having a built-in amp that can produce 20 watts of RMS, the speakers are loud enough for you to listen to the music even when you are diving in speed.
One of the speakers from this brand, the JBL cruise, which is made to be set up with the handlebar of your bike, is worth mentioning.


This brand has a lot of options for you bikers to choose from. Some of the good ones are the Boss Audio MC470B, Boss Audio MC600B, and the Boss Audio MC500.
Get loud and clear sound with these waterproof speakers that are Bluetooth enabled and have water-resistant volume control.
This is also a speaker that you set up with your handlebar.

Golden Hawk

If you want high-quality innovative speakers that have an LCD screen, remote control, and USB, AUX and SB input systems try out one of their products.
One of their creations, the Golden Hawk 1000W 4 Channel Amplifier, is a waterproof set up that includes four speakers to give you loud music with 4 amps that gives you a 1000watt power output.


Get great mini speakers with amplifiers included and with a variety of bike-friendly and easy to use control features such as volume control, indicator and power switch from this brand. All of the products that they provide are waterproof and can give you great quality loud sound.


Not only can you play music with speakers from this brand but you can also listen to the radio. With a waterproof antenna, jam out to your favorite radio station if you’re tired of listening to the same playlist over and over again.
Most of the speakers that this brand has are also waterproof and come with wide-spaced large buttons that you can work with even while working with gloves.

Final Words

We’re sure you’ll find the perfect speaker for your bike from one of the brands that we have mentioned. Out of all the options that you get today, these are the few brands that keep the promises that they make.

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